First Meeting of the Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire "Evolutionary Human sciences" - March 16/17 2020

Wecome to the registration site for the first meeting of our "Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire Evolutionary Human Sciences".
On this site, you can both register for the meeting and (if you want) also submit an abstract for an oral presentation.
The meeting will take place on March 16/17 at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, in Paris. We will begin on March 16 with a welcoming coffee at 13:00pm and will end on March 17 at 12:30am. 
The meeting will take place at the Department of Economics of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris School of Economics, 48 Boulevard Jourdan, Paris 14è arrondissement. 
The deadline to register and submit an abstract is February 16, 2020.
To register, you must click on the link "Registration" on the left, and then enter your sciencesconf login details, or create a new sciencesconf account if you do not already have one (it takes less than a minute).
Once registered, if you wish, by clicking on the "Submissions" link on the left you can also sign up to give an oral presentation during the meeting. We encourage you to do so, but you do not have to!
You can choose between two types of oral presentation:
1. A speed talk, which should not last more than 3 minutes (with a maximum of 3 slides). The aim of a speed talk is to present yourself and your research in a brief but fun way. Acceptance is automatic. There is therefore no need to write an actual abstract (But you DO need to click on "Submit an abstract"). In the "Abstract" field, you can just describe briefly your field of research to help us build coherent sessions. We encourage everyone to propose a speed talk. They will be a cool opportunity to get to know each other!
2. A long talk (15 minutes + 5 minutes questions). For this you need to write an actual abstract (less than 300 words). Evelyne Heyer, Michel Raymond, Jorge Peña and myself will then choose around a dozen of long talks among those who will have applied for this option. The others will be offered a speed-talk instead. Hence, we encourage you to apply for this option anyway! There is nothing to lose!


By the way, what is the Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire "Evolutionary Human sciences"?

The Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire "Evolutionary Human sciences" is a scientific society supported by the CNRS, whose objective is to bring together all the researchers in France working on Humans with an evolutionary perspective.
Human beings, like other living beings, are products of biological evolution. Just as the theory of evolution constitutes a logic for biology, evolutionary approaches provide a framework for the study of human beings. They shed light on the study of our psychology, our social organization, our cultural knowledge, the forms that take our cooperation and conflicts, the history of our migrations, and our health and disease. They enable us to understand both what is universal and part of human nature and, through the study of cultural evolution, the origin of differences between societies. Finally, by considering together the genetic, environmental and cultural determinants of human behavioural and physiological variation, evolutionary approaches are uniquely placed to shed new light on medical practices and public policies, which will help devise innovative solutions to societal challenges.
The development of these approaches requires collaborations between scientists from traditionally distant disciplines: evolutionary biologists, psychologists, anthropologists, geneticists, linguists, primatologists, economists, political scientists, historians, etc. This vast research program was structured on an international scale with the creation of the scientific society "Human Behavior and Evolution Society", essentially centered in the United States. More recently, the scientific society "European Human Behavior and Evolution Association" has developed in Europe. This “Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire” aims at strucuring this interdisciplinary dynamic on a French scale.


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