Online meeting of the RTP "Evolutionary Human Sciences" - HumanEvoWeek - 2-6 November 2020

You enthusiastically registered last spring to participate in the kick-off meeting of the RTP "Evolutionary Human Sciences" and we thank you for that.

As you know, however, the first wave of the coronavirus epidemic has forced us to cancel the meeting. It was a pity but we had no choice.

We have therefore decided to organise an online kick-off meeting of the RTP, during the week of 2 to 6 November 2020.

This will be the « HumanEvoWeek ». It will consist of conferences and events that will take place every day around lunchtime.

We are still working out the details, but you can already save the date, and we will write to you shortly with more information.

See you very soon online, and hopefully soon also IRL.

Jean-Baptiste André, Valentin Thouzeau, Evelyne Heyer, Michel Raymond and Jorge Pena


By the way, what is the Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire "Evolutionary Human sciences"?

The Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire "Evolutionary Human sciences" is a scientific society supported by the CNRS, whose objective is to bring together all the researchers in France working on Humans with an evolutionary perspective.
Human beings, like other living beings, are products of biological evolution. Just as the theory of evolution constitutes a logic for biology, evolutionary approaches provide a framework for the study of human beings. They shed light on the study of our psychology, our social organization, our cultural knowledge, the forms that take our cooperation and conflicts, the history of our migrations, and our health and disease. They enable us to understand both what is universal and part of human nature and, through the study of cultural evolution, the origin of differences between societies. Finally, by considering together the genetic, environmental and cultural determinants of human behavioural and physiological variation, evolutionary approaches are uniquely placed to shed new light on medical practices and public policies, which will help devise innovative solutions to societal challenges.
The development of these approaches requires collaborations between scientists from traditionally distant disciplines: evolutionary biologists, psychologists, anthropologists, geneticists, linguists, primatologists, economists, political scientists, historians, etc. This vast research program was structured on an international scale with the creation of the scientific society "Human Behavior and Evolution Society", essentially centered in the United States. More recently, the scientific society "European Human Behavior and Evolution Association" has developed in Europe. This “Réseau transdisciplinaire prioritaire” aims at strucuring this interdisciplinary dynamic on a French scale.


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